Behind Back2Basics Carpet Cleaning

We use a Jaguar Cub Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning machine which has many advantages over regular portable machines.

There are many advantages of a truck mount carpet cleaning machine, over a portable carpet cleaning machine such as that they do not need to use your electricity or hot water, so it means there is no costly electricity and gas bills, truck mounts have a waste tank fitted so the technician can take the dirty water away, the water injected into your carpet pile is at steam temperature killing off bacteria, the cleaning process is much more effective but at the same time quicker than a portable machine

The petrol engine runs the machine creating approximately 10 times the amount of suction than that of a professional portable machine and even more than a portable machine that you can hire from a supermarket or hardware shop.

Another advantage is time. As a truck mounted machine carpet cleaning machine operates at a faster rate than a portable, this means that there is less inconvenience to you, the customer, giving you more free time and also the carpets dry quicker because the machine sucks more water and dirt out of your carpet.

We also use specialist chemicals that are environmentally, children and pet safe but more effective than supermarket products and we have a range of specialist chemicals that are designed for particular fabrics such as wool carpets but can be as gentle on a rare breeds wool carpet or as strong as getting oil out of a mechanics workshop carpet