Commercial Carpet Cleaning Coventry

Commercial carpet cleaning for Pubs, Restaurants and Offices all have one thing in common. No one takes their shoes off which results in carpets with traffic lanes with everyday dirt, food, drink and staining. This is where we come in.

Using specialist traffic lane cleaners we adapt the way we clean your carpet to your business so whether you have food, drink, ink, mud, oil and grease in your carpet using our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine we will make your carpets live again.


If a business wants to look professional, you needs professionals to keep everything pristine, and this is where Back2Basics commercial carpet cleaning come in.

In we are called out to a residential property it is usually  a one off. Our work force get in, take care of the carpets that need help and move out. There is a lot more to it with a commercial carpet cleaning job.

Because the fabrics used in professional products usually handle much more foot traffic than residential carpet,. this increased foot traffic soils the fabric quickly, and regular intervention is needed to keep things from getting unhealthy.

While a sanitizing company may inspect a home’s fabrics before getting started, it is pretty much standard operating procedure with a commercial carpet cleaning outfit. Flooring’s found in professional offices, restaurants and more are often better at hiding soiled areas, and because there is more room to cover, it’s not always clear where the highest traffic ares are located. A thorough check will spot what areas need the most help. These problem zones are usually around entryways, bottlenecks and doorways.

Call us, the professionals to come and advice you on the best way to bring your carpets back to life, and keep them that way.

Cleaning Products

Commercial carpet cleaning differs from domestic carpet cleaning due to the nature and intensity of the amount of dirt found in the carpet, the types of materials the carpets are made of and the amount of staining that can occur because of the nature of your business therefore the products we use to remove the dirt and stains also differ. We have odour removal products, products to specially remove food and drink products, oil and grease staining and we will work with you as a business to keep your carpets looking the best they can be despite the extra traffic and usage your carpets get.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning.