How do you clean the carpets

We lightly spray the carpet with a pre spray that starts breaking down the dirt and then using our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine we go over all the carpets using a wand that injects and then sucks out all the water and dirt.

Do I have to do anything before you clean my carpet

We ask if you can move any small furniture off the carpet and vacuum the carpet before we arrive to remove any large bits.

What about large furniture eg, beds and sofas

Dependent on size, weight and positioning of furniture we endeavor to move and carpet clean behind and under all furniture.

How long does the carpet take to dry

Using a truck mounted system speeds up the drying process but all carpets will dry at varying speeds dependent on the thickness of the pile, heating in the property and the weather. In perfect conditions a carpet should be dry in a couple of hours, upholstery 5/6 hours.

When can I walk on the carpet

We recommend that you don’t walk on the carpet whist it is still damp, but if you need to you can walk on it straight away with clean socks, slippers or we can leave overshoes free of charge.

Can you get all stains out

We try our hardest to remove all stains and use a wide range of stain removers including ones for specific stains eg, red wine, chewing gum. If the stain does not come out which 90% do, the stain will certainly be a lot lighter in colour and harder to see.