Not cleaning a carpet correctly,can actually exacerbate allergies.

When properly cleaned and maintained, carpeting may improve the quality of air through trapping allergy-inducing dust and allergens. Most people, however, do not clean their carpets correctly, which can actually exacerbate allergies. We are a professional carpet cleaning company who can help.  

Random Carpet Cleaning Fact #6 2,000 dust mites, one ounce of carpet dust.

Scientists believe that more than 43 million tons of dust falls over the country every year. Indoor air usually contains about twice as much dust as the air outside. That’s a million microscopic particles in a cubic inch of air. About 2,000 dust mites can live happily on one ounce of carpet dust.

Back2Basics proud to support local team.

Back2Basics is a local Carpet Cleaning Company  run with pride of “keeping things local”, providing funds to support local sports clubs and communities. As part of our promise to our local communities, Back2Basics has become a sponsor of a local of youth sports team  and will continue to support as often as we can. We […]

20% off Carpet Cleaning through January.

20% off Carpet Cleaning throughout this January.   Yes, its true, we are giving you 20% off. Superb cleaning results with our truck mounted machine Carpets dry within 2/3 hours Treatment that is non toxic therefore safe for your family and pets Over 16 years of experience with domestic carpet cleaning in Coventry and Warwickshire […]

Random Fact 5: How often should they be professionaly cleaned?

According to professional research, all carpets should be professionally cleaned a minimum of every 12 to 18 months. Dust mites thrive in warm, humid environments, eating dead skin cells and nesting in dust-collecting carpet. The residue that mites leave behind can mix with dust and become airborne, which may cause allergies . Cleanliness is one […]

The 5 second rule? Is it safe to eat off the floor?

The five second rule? The five-second rule is a myth: bacteria can live after four weeks on carpet. And, thanks to “microbial adhesion,” germs such as the following are immediately transferred to food: Salmonella typhimurium, Campylobacter, and Salmonella enteritis, a nasty bacterium that causes horrible diarrhea and vomiting.

Random Carpet Cleaning Fact .4 How clean is your carpet?

How Clean is your Carpet? Microbiologists have identified air blown from a running vacuum cleaner as one of the five places in the home that has the highest numbers of germs. Other places include dish sponges, washing machines, bathroom toilets during a flush, and kitchen bins!   Carpets that don’t receive regular professional carpet cleaning […]

Now Accepting Payment By Cards!

Now accepting payment for carpet cleaning by card. We are pleased to announce that we can now accept payments for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning  by debit* and credit card** This is a major step forward for us in our aim to make our services  as simple and stress-free as possible. *There is no transaction fee for […]

Random Carpet Cleaning Fact 3. Ever wondered how long a carpet could last?

How long could a carpet last? The oldest surviving carpet is the celebrated Pazyryk carpet, which is over 2,000 years old. It was found in the 1940s in a Scythian tomb in southern Siberia We can’t guarantee your carpet will last 2000 years, but using Back 2 Basics Carpet Cleaning services we can guarantee that […]

Random Carpet Cleaning Fact 2. Where did Carpets come from?

Everyone is talking about Microsoft and Google having products in every room in everyone’s home these days, yet there is something already established a place in every room that is hundreds of years older than they are are!!   Ok, so we clean carpets, most of us have carpets, but where on earth do they […]