Upholstery Cleaning


Whether you think your sofa, chair or three piece suite are looking tired and dejected or you have accidentally spilt something, we can help revive your upholstery back to a nearly new condition.

Upholstery cleaning is different to carpet cleaning because the fabric is often thinner and more fragile, the fore even more specialized chemicals and time have to be spent on it. All our chemicals are pet and child friendly.

The first thing to do is check the label on the piece of furniture (under the cushions you sit on or in the cushion covers) and this will often give cleaning instructions eg, dry clean only, machine wash only or professionally clean only. Using the manufacturers’ guidelines will assist us in getting your furniture back to its best.

Dependent on the type of clean, dry clean or wet clean we can remove the dirt and everyday marks leaving your furniture looking its best.

Every chair, sofa, foot stool and curtain is different, we’d love to hear from you and you can get a quick quote now or contact us for more info.